At Auction Solutions, Inc., our unwavering commitment revolves around tailoring solutions to your specific needs. Beyond the transformation of your assets into valuable cash, we offer comprehensive problem-solving. 

Central to our operation is the optimization of asset sales, ensuring our clients achieve the utmost returns. We employ a diverse range of methods, customizing the auction format to fit each distinct circumstance. Our expertise includes appraisals, commercial and residential real estate auctions, business and industrial equipment liquidation auctions, collector cars and other vehicle auctions, large estate and collectable auctions, and benefit auctions. This variety can be run as online auctions, and online simulcast auctions which is live and online running in tandem – all aimed at resolving your asset challenges. 

Our team of seasoned experts stands ready to adapt to your requirements. Whether you seek a hands-off approach or prefer to be involved every step of the way, we can accommodate. From accepting your property as-is, preparing it for sale, managing the auction, and delivering the proceeds, we can handle it all with utmost efficiency. Conversely, if you're more hands-on, we offer comprehensive guidance throughout the auction process. The choice is yours; the expertise is ours. 

Auction Types:

  • Commercial and residential real estate auctions
  • Business and industrial equipment liquidation auctions
  • Collector car and other vehicle auctions
  • Large estate and collectibles auctions
  • Traditional real estate listings and appraisals
  • Benefit auctions