Firearm Auctions

What do I need to pick up my firearm(s)? 
  • When coming into the office to pick up, you first must come to the main office upstairs to fill out federal paperwork. The name on the purchase invoice must match the person coming to pick up and information on the identification cards provided.  

    • Form 4473 is a required form for the transfer of firearms from an FFL (Federal Firearms License) dealer to a customer. You can either find the form online or fill one out in the office. If you come to the office with a 4473 prefilled out, you get a free cup of coffee from Keystone Kafe! 

    • You also must provide your driver's license as well as a concealed to carry permit or a permit to purchase. If you do not have a permit of either kind, we will need to perform a background check in the office. 

What do I need to have my firearm(s) shipped? 
  • If you are the winning bidder, you or your local FFL dealer must provide a copy of their FFL (Federal Firearms License) by email to us as soon as possible after the auction ends. Your firearm(s) will be shipped to that FFL dealer’s address, after your order is delivered, it is up to your FFL dealer to contact you for pick up.  

  • If we do not receive a copy of an FFL, we cannot ship your firearm(s).  For safety reasons, you will not receive a tracking number for your firearm(s). This is to ensure that the order is sent directly to another FFL dealer and is not intercepted. 

  • If you and another family member are getting firearms shipped to the same FFL dealer, you can contact us to have these shipment orders combined to minimize shipping costs. 

  • Please send all FFLs to