About Us

About Auction Solutions Inc.

As a female-owned, family-run business, Auction Solutions Inc. was first founded by Shayne Fili, our current president and CEO, her mother Ellie Carlson and their close friend Patti Hutchinson. For them, curiosity was only the beginning.  

The auction industry isn’t an easy one to enter, especially as a male-dominated field. But that didn’t stop Shayne in the slightest — it only made it more rewarding. She worked alongside well-known auctioneers absorbing all she could while obtaining the certifications to launch her own career. Success didn’t take long. Within three years, her name recognition grew, and Auction Solutions Inc. came to be.  

Flash forward to today, our services extend beyond traditional auctions. We’re proud to offer liquidation, appraisals, real estate brokerage and much more — both in-person and online. Of course, we couldn’t have done it without a team of loving family and friends who continue to support us throughout every step of the journey. So, here’s to twenty-five years and counting!