About Us

Where did we start?

We are a family run, female owned business that has been in business for 25 years! Auction Solutions was first founded by Shayne (current President and CEO), her mother Ellie, and their close family friend Patti. If you are able to come to our live auctions, you may experience them still being a part of the business to this day. With their amazing customer service and extensive knowledge of the auction business they are still cornerstones of Auction Solutions today!

Auction Solutions started out of pure curiosity about the auction industry and a hunger for knowledge. During that period, Shayne was actively partnering with her husband to elevate the prominence of his contributions within the major telephone companies. The usual campaigning techniques in 1999 did not sit well with Shayne. She did not feel comfortable going door-to-door letting people at random know about the work her husband was doing. So, she got thinking about what else could help bring notoriety to the work they were doing.... Thus, her interest in benefit auctions began!  


 The auction industry has always been difficult to enter, that mixed with the pressure of being one of few women in a male dominated industry did not deter Shayne even the slightest. She worked alongside well-known auctioneers of the time and absorbed as much information as she could. Within three short years, Shayne gained name recognition and applied that knowledge gained to form and blossom Auction Solutions Inc.   


Admittedly, she couldn’t have done it without a staff, and who better to trust than the people closest to her- her family and friends. Her parents Ellie and Dwaine Carlson were more than happy to support Shayne on her journey in the auction industry. Her father Dwaine did a lot of behind-the-scenes work handling the accounting; her mother Ellie, along with a close family friend, Patti Hutchinson worked the counter at live auctions doing the check-ins at the beginning and cashiering at the end of auctions. If you are lucky, you can still see Ellie and Patti helping do the same at live auctions to this day! Patti’s husband, Jack Hutchinson, was the main ring-man at live auctions, helping display items being auctioned off as well as keeping the crowd engaged with his clever remarks and hilarious anecdotes to create an atmosphere of constant laughter and amusement. Alongside Jack, Shayne’s daughter Sarah and son Caleb assisted in displaying auction items as well as put a lot of work into the behind-the-scenes efforts to make auctions run smoothly, you can also see them helping auctions run to this day! Finally, and most importantly, Shayne’s husband Rocco; despite being diagnosed with cancer, Rocco was an incredibly selfless individual consistently showering unwavering support upon Shayne and demonstrated a remarkable capacity to prioritize and uplift those around him to the very end. Auction Solutions would not be where we are today without the mountains of support each of these individuals displayed and continue to pour into the company to this day.