Rosenblatt Stadium Benefit Auction

Historic Rosenblatt Stadium  

Thursday, June 23, 2012 

Since 1969, the illustrious Rosenblatt Stadium has stood as the cherished abode of the Omaha Royals, its significance amplified by hosting the College World Series for over six decades. However, the pages of time dictated its demolition, paving the way for the “Infield at the Zoo” project at the Henry Doorly Zoo. This endeavor carries the noble purpose of immortalizing the stadium's rich legacy by crafting a scaled little league infield and park for zoo visitors. To facilitate this transformation, every element within the stadium had to be meticulously dismantled and made available for a global fan base through an extensive auction process.


Executing an auction of this scale presented a multitude of challenges. With a staggering count of over 900 distinct lots, encompassing items ranging from dugout and stadium seats to bases, signs, lockers, and various other fixtures, the logistical complexities were considerable. Furthermore, a substantial obstacle lay in the diverse and far-reaching buyer base. The stadium's storied history had attracted individuals not only from across the United States but also from foreign countries, all seeking to acquire a piece of its legacy. Addressing this demand necessitated orchestrating a comprehensive global marketing campaign and seamlessly integrating online bidding mechanisms. 

Our Auction Solution:  

Our collaboration with Proxibid for this auction was pivotal in ensuring an optimal experience for our online and international buyers. This partnership not only facilitated the online sale of numerous items but also streamlined our efforts by engaging Proxibid staff on auction day and in post-auction shipping processes. 

The scope of the marketing campaign undertaken for this auction was nothing short of comprehensive. Locally, the Omaha World-Herald featured an article that highlighted the auction, and we leveraged the Henry Doorly Zoo's website and press releases for added exposure. To further reach fans, ran a pre-auction article, alerting enthusiasts to their chance to acquire stadium memorabilia. Our Facebook page was utilized to disseminate information about the auction, with a two-week window prior to the event allowing the media to tour the stadium, preview the items for sale, and a radio campaign was orchestrated in partnership with NRG Media. 

To efficiently handle the extensive array of memorabilia, a dual-auction-ring format was adopted. Ring one accommodated the smaller items, while ring two presented larger pieces necessitating disassembly or removal. This arrangement ensured a seamless and organized flow for buyers engaged in both rings. 


The day of the auction unfolded spectacularly, characterized by a remarkably smooth operation. The collective count of items sold numbered in the several thousands, of which more than 300 found their victorious bidders among the online participants. The seamless collaboration between Proxibid and Auction Solutions proved successful, seamlessly intertwining both online and live bidding dynamics. 

The entirety of the flagpoles that once graced the stadium's façade found a new home at a local restaurant, The Mattress Factory, where they are presently displayed. The proceeds stemming from this auction stood as a significant contribution to the Infield at the Zoo project, standing as a commendable homage to the legacy of Rosenblatt Stadium. The conclusion of the event was commemorated through an article crafted by Biz Wire, offering a comprehensive narrative of the undertaking. The story can be accessed through this link.---Rosenblatt Auction Scores a Home Run with Online Bidders | Business Wire