MR C’s Liquidation Auction

Mister C’s Liquidation Auction 

Saturday, October 6th, 2007, and Wednesday, October 10th, 2007.  

Mister C's held a revered status as an Omaha tradition, deeply ingrained in the city's fabric. In October of 2007, this cherished symbol of Omaha's heritage graced the auction block, marking the final opportunity for individuals to possess a tangible piece of this historic establishment. 

The property located at the intersection of 30th and Fort found a new owner, as Mr. C and his family chose to bid adieu to the restaurant business and allow this Omaha icon to gracefully recede into the records of memory. This auction event stood as an unparalleled occasion, distinguished as the largest collectible and memorabilia auction of its kind, second only to the notable Peony Park liquidation from years past. 

The auction encompassed the entirety of the restaurant's essence, spanning from the elegant wrought iron fence enclosing the parking lot to the ornate lampposts and inviting awnings. Unique treasures, such as the distinctive statuary adorning the property and the irreplaceable stained and leaded glass windows, stood side by side with the Lladro Don Quixote Scenes gracing the lobby and the revered Elvis collection. Every aspect, including the kitchen equipment, tables, chairs, bricks, and more, was made available for bidding. This comprehensive array rendered the auction a truly exceptional and incomparable event. 


Our challenge was to efficiently liquidate this historic business within a remarkably tight timeframe. We had a mere six days to prepare between the restaurant's final day of operation and the first auction. 

Adding to the complexity was the diverse array of products encompassing our inventory. Among them were highly collectible items such as Llandro figurines, an array of Elvis memorabilia, Nebraska football mementos, exquisite exurban collectibles, and, of course, the cherished Mister C's memorabilia. Alongside these, a range of restaurant equipment rounded out the offering. The sheer diversity posed a formidable challenge for us, yet the family held high expectations for a remarkable event. We were committed to ensuring those expectations were not only met but exceeded. 

The event unfolded across several locations, seamlessly spanning both the indoor and garden sections of the restaurant, ensuring a comprehensive and captivating experience for all attendees. 

Our Auction Solution: 

After meticulous consideration, coupled with weeks of intricate planning and thorough preparation, our strategy crystallized into the organization of two distinct auctions, each equipped with two selling rings. To streamline the process, we categorized the merchandise into four distinct groups. The first encompassed the indoor memorabilia, followed by the second group comprising the outdoor memorabilia, which featured elements like the exquisite stained glass and ornate iron rails adorning the property. The final two groups were dedicated to the restaurant equipment and outdoor items, encompassing everything from structures and lighting to fencing and more. 

In a strategic move, we elected to employ a live Internet simulcast for the indoor ring during the Saturday auction, exclusively for the memorabilia. The utilization of online bidding served a dual purpose. Firstly, it granted remote bidders the ability to partake in the auction, even if they were located out of town. Secondly, it substantially amplified the auction's exposure on a national scale. 

Anticipating the restaurant's impending closure, we diligently cataloged and published the items slated for the simulcast, ensuring meticulous preparation ahead of time, as we were aware of the compressed timeline following the restaurant's official closure. 

In the interim between the auction's announcement and its execution, we embarked on a robust promotional campaign. This comprehensive approach encompassed diverse advertising strategies, including impactful press releases disseminated through local TV stations, strategically placed signage within the restaurant and its surroundings, an expansive internet campaign, targeted direct mail initiatives, and well-placed print advertisements. 


The outcomes of this auction were truly remarkable, surpassing all expectations. The memorabilia auction held on Saturday commenced at 10:00 AM, engaging both rings, and extended its vibrant activity until 7:00 PM that evening. An impressive turnout of over 600 bidders, spanning both the live and online realms, contributed to the energy of these auctions. The extensive offering resulted in the sale of more than 2500 lots, culminating in a substantial auction total that exceeded the impressive benchmark of $90,000.