Field of Dreams Collector Car Auction

Collector Cars on a Bennington Hillside in Nebraska 

Saturday, July 30th, 2011 

Situated within a building and adorning a hillside near Bennington, NE, rested an extraordinary collection of cars and trucks collected for an astounding 35 years. Over this period, a diverse array of titled and untitled vehicles spanning from 1906 through the 1980s had accumulated. Among them were a variety of trucks, buses, and cars, ranging from nearly complete specimens to individual parts, each with its own narrative to tell. This event marked the liquidation of one individual's "Field of Dreams," a testament to their automotive passion and vision. Notable discoveries included a '53 Packard Caribbean, '12 R.E.O. Speedwagon, '55 Corvette, '55 T-bird, '59 Edsel, Motel T's, Model A's, and numerous others, each an astonishing barn find in its rarity and allure. 


We faced a dual challenge in orchestrating this sale. Firstly, the owner had been prompted by the county to address complaints, leading to a pressing need for rapid property cleanup. Secondly, the array of cars in this collection was haphazardly scattered across the premises, entangled amidst trees that had grown in and around many of the vehicles. Several had deteriorated to the extent that their value was reduced to mere scrap. Successfully executing this auction demanded a comprehensive nationwide advertising initiative and intricate preparations involving heavy equipment. 

Our Auction Solution: 

Our devised solution entailed an 8-week endeavor that encompassed tree removal, the scrapping of extensively deteriorated vehicles, selective fencing removal, and comprehensive property regrading. This concerted effort paved the way for arranging the cars systematically in rows, all in preparation for the anticipated multitude of on-site bidders for the upcoming auction. Our strategic marketing blueprint revolved around an intensive online presence, complemented by an extensive outreach via local, regional, and national print ads, prominently through publications like Hemmings Motor News, and other avenues within the hobby realm. This meticulously orchestrated campaign spanned approximately four months, ensuring that the auction achieved broad market exposure. In tandem, our customary use of social media platforms, email broadcasts, and postings on our website, as well as various other auctions and automotive-oriented websites, further bolstered our outreach efforts. 


The auction results surpassed all expectations, delivering nothing short of phenomenal outcomes. The advertising campaign cast an impressively wide net, even catching the attention of a Norwegian car magazine that featured an article about the auction. Our buyer base spanned from California to Atlanta, Texas to Canada, and various states in between, drawing in both local car enthusiasts and those from afar. 

In total, we registered an impressive count of 395 bidders, leading to the successful sale of 118 cars and an additional 49 lots of parts. The auction proceeds soared beyond the $200,000 mark, cementing its resounding success. Notable highlights included the sale of a 1953 Packard Caribbean convertible for $17,500, with an additional 10% buyer's premium, a 1940 Lincoln Zephyr that fetched $18,500 plus the buyer's premium, and a 1957 Corvette stripped down to its core, achieving $16,500 along with a 10% buyer's premium. It's important to note that none of the cars in this auction were operational or had been started for many years. This resounding success undoubtedly provided a substantial return for our seller.