Bahnsen’s Ski and Sport Liquidation

Bahnsen’s Ski and Sport Liquidation 

Saturday, January 29th, 2005 

Bahnsen's Ski and Sporks experienced a downturn in business, prompting the family to consider liquidating the venture and transitioning toward new pursuits. This decision marked not only the closure of a chapter but also the anticipation of new horizons and endeavors awaiting their attention and dedication. 


This liquidation endeavor presented us with a series of challenges to overcome. The inventory had been undergoing liquidation for several months, leaving behind items that weren't the most sought-after selections. Among the remaining stock were racks brimming with snow skis and boots, along with a selection of highly specialized equipment. This inventory encompassed an array of odd sizes and aged stock, adding to the complexities we needed to address. 

Our Auction Solution: 

Our devised strategy involved scheduling an auction four weeks in advance, providing us the time needed to embark on the cataloging process. With precision, we divided the skis and boots into larger lots, strategically catering to re-sellers in the market. Our marketing campaign was strategically aligned with this approach, focusing on attracting regional sporting goods shops and extending our reach through web advertising with a global reach. 

For this auction, we employed a dual approach. Selected lots were conducted through a simulcast to cater to a broader audience, while items with strong local appeal were presented in a separate auction ring, catering directly to the live crowd. 

Recognizing the significance of the real estate closing date, we established the live auction for a period of three weeks after our contract signing. During this span, we diligently executed our multifaceted marketing plan, leveraging various avenues to ensure widespread promotion of the equipment. 


A remarkable turnout marked the auction day, drawing in an impressive count of over 250 registered bidders, both participating live and online. The specialty equipment and goods garnered substantial interest and secured strong bids. Notably, more than 30% of the cataloged items found eager buyers in the online sphere, while the remaining items found their buyers within the local community. The auction's outcome not only met but exceeded the seller's expectations, showcasing the resounding success achieved.