Sedoris Estate Auction

Sedoris Estate Auction

Welcome to the Sedoris Estate Auction! A family estate for almost 60 years, there is an amazing variety to add to any collection. Furniture, decor, and priceless pieces are all within your grasp!


The vehicle is located at 7803 Military Ave, Omaha NE while all other items are located 3036 Stone Ave, Omaha NE. 


Buyer's premium is 10% and we follow local tax percentages. 

Please be aware that Auction Solutions Inc. does not provide boxes, carts, or dollies to move auction items. Pick-up of larger items will require you to bring a partner to load your items, as Auction Solutions Inc. staff will not be available to help with loading or unloading. 

Please note Auction Solutions Inc. staff are not responsible for auction winnings post pick-up. You must make sure that all auction items are accounted for. Once those items are signed for and removed, there will be no refunds or discounts. 

If items need to be transported from an offsite pick-up to our office for pick-up there will be an additional fee of $40.00 and would need to be picked up within one weeks time. If items are in office up to 7 days, a daily $15.00 will be added each day and will be forfeited after the 7 days. For all auctions, if items are not picked up within the 7 day time frame, items will be forfeited and no returns will be given. If your payment is declined, you will have 7 days to pay for items and pick them up. If items have not been paid for and have not been picked up within the 7 day time frame, your items will be forfeited. Furniture, motors, cars, and other large items will not be transported from offsite pick-ups for any reason and will not be offered for shipping. 

Auction Solutions Inc. will be issuing email notifications from Shipping Saint, and it is required that the winner of the lot select between the available choices of shipping or in-person pick-up or you will not receive your item. If you have any shipping questions, please respond directly to the message from Shipping Saint and one of our employees will respond in a timely manner. 

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