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red carOur business is based around selling assets and achieving the highest possible return for our customers.  We implement various methods to auction your assets in a format catered to each situation.  Estate sales, online fixed price sales, online auctions, and online simulcast auctions are just some of the tools we use to find the solution to your asset problems.

Our team of experts can do as much or as little as your situation requires.  We can simply take your property as is and prepare it for sale, conduct the auction, and pay the proceeds to you without you ever having to lift a finger.  If you are the hands on type, we can advise you through all aspects of the auction process.  The decision is yours, the expertise is ours.

Auction Types:

  • Commercial and residential real estate auctions
  • Business and industrial equipment liquidation auctions
  • Collector car and other vehicle auctions
  • Large estate and collectibles auctions
  • Traditional real estate listings and appraisals
  • Benefit auctions

Case Studies

Landmark Auctions

Auction Solutions Inc. specializes in outstanding and Landmark auctions throughout the Metro Omaha and surrounding areas. Our approach is specialized to each iconic landmark. We develop a media driven event which entices large groups of buyers and the general public to attend the auction and be a part of history in the making. This approach brings out an emotional and nostalgic crowd who may never have been to an auction, but feel compelled to interact with and possess a piece of the landmark being sold.

landmark auction heavy equipLarge groups energize the auction action and promote spirited competitive bidding. When you add large groups of online bidders into the packed gallery, the process of simple and common items can surprise even the auction staff. Our auction results consistently surpass our client’s goals and expectations.

At Auction Solutions Inc. we have a long history of successful landmark auctions. Some of the most memorable include the Rosenblatt Stadium Benefit Auction, the Ute Halee Home for Girls Liquidation Auction, and the Ironwood Country Club Liquidation Auction.

The Rosenblatt Stadium remains an iconic symbol in Omaha culture and college baseball worldwide, and its demolition and disassembly drew international attention to the auction. The wide buyer base, two-rings, and over 900 lots of merchandise posed a unique challenge that we combated with an extensive marketing campaign reaching local and international publications. Our partnership with Proxibid assisted us in making the auction available to bidders on a much larger scale than the subset of individuals who could appear in person at the live event, resulting in over 1,000 successful buyers. Total profit for this auction exceeded $31,000 and went towards the Henry Doorly Zoo’s Infield at the Zoo memorial project.

Uta Halee Home for Girls closed its doors in 2011, leaving an exceptional range of merchandise to be sold at auction. The contents of the campus amounted to over 20,000 items assembled in over 5,000 lots. This sheer amount and variations of items required a two-ring, two-day auction that attracted over 950 winning bidders. The majority of the buildings and acreage were sold to First National Bank for $2.09 million, with a smaller section of the campus going to a private seller. The wide-reaching marketing plan we implemented reached a large audience and included a feature in the Omaha World Herald, resulting in total profits amounting to over $78,000 and exceeding expectations.

landmark auctionAfter being sold in 2010 the Ironwood Public Country Club, formally Highland Private Country Club, enlisted Auction Solutions Inc. to sell the contents of the 153 acre site. The diverse array of merchandise was broken down into 2,500 lots and sold over the span of two days. Marketing was focused on industry specific outlets for each subset of items, as well as included in nationwide publications and trade shows. Over 6,000 buyers and onlookers attended the auction and registered buyers topped 1,900. Proxibid played an integral role in attracting international bidders and assisting on auction day, with 30% of successful bidders making their purchases online. Profits totaled over $160,000, just short of three times the seller’s expectations.

The landscape of the Omaha Metro area is always changing, necessitating the sale and evolution of landmark locations and businesses. Auction Solutions Inc. is proud to have been a part of many of the milestone events which have successfully shaped the area into what you see today, and we are excited to continue to share in its constant growth and progress.

Rosenblatt Stadium Benefit Auction

Thursday June 23, 2012

Historic Rosenblatt Stadium


rosen blatt stadiujmThe historic Rosenblatt Stadium has been the home of the Omaha Royals since 1969 and has played host to the College World Series for six decades. The iconic stadium was scheduled to be torn down and the site donated to the Henry Doorly Zoo for the Infield at the Zoo project. This project serves to commemorate the stadium’s long history by creating a little league sized infield and park for zoo visitors. To make room for the project every item in the stadium needed to be taken down and auctioned off to fans worldwide.


There were several challenges to conducting an auction of this magnitude. There would be over 900 lots of merchandise, including dugout and stadium seats, bases, signs, lockers, and everything else that can be taken down. Another challenge with this auction would be the wide buyer base. People from all over the US and some foreign countries have visited and played at Rosenblatt Stadium and would be interested in purchasing memorabilia. This auction would require a worldwide marketing campaign and coordination with online bidding.

Our Auction Solution:

We partnered with Proxibid on this auction to ensure the best possible experience for our online and foreign buyers. This enabled us to sell many items online and share the manpower with Proxibid employees both on auction day and with post auction shipping.

The marketing campaign for this auction was extensive. Locally the auction was advertised by an article in the Omaha World Herald and through the Henry Doorly Zoo’s website and press releases. ran an article prior to the auction informing fans of their opportunity to obtain stadium memorabilia. Information about this auction was also available on our Facebook page. Two weeks prior to the auction the media was allowed to tour the stadium and preview the items to be sold and a radio advertising campaign was launched with NRG Media.

Two auction rings were set up to accommodate all the memorabilia to be sold. The smaller items were located in Ring One, and larger items which required some disasembly or removal were presented in Ring Two.


inside of rosen blatt stadiumThe auction day turned out spectacularly and ran exceptionally smooth. Several thousand items were sold overall, with over 300 items won by online bidders. The coordination of Proxibid with Auction Solutions was successful in facilitating online and live bidding.

All the flag poles that stood in front of the stadium were sold to local restaurant The Mattress Factory, and are currently displayed there. The revenue generated from this auction was a great contribution to the Infield at the Zoo project and a commendable tribute the renown of Rosenblatt Stadium. Bizwire produced a nice article outlining the event once it had been completed. You can read that story at this link

Field of Dreams Collector Car Auction

Collector Cars on a Bennington Hillside in Nebraska
Saturday July 30 2011 at 10:00AM
Over 150 Project Cars of all Ages

Unbelievable Barn Finds include ’53 Packard Caribbean, ’12 R.E.O. Speedwagon, ’55 Corvette, ’55 T-Bird, ’58 Edsel, Model T’s, Model A’s and Many More

This collection of cars and trucks had been sitting in a building and on a hillside near Bennington, NE. for 35 years. There were many titled and un-titled vehicles of all types from 1906 through the 1980′s. Some of these trucks, buses and cars were nearly complete, some were only parts. This was a liquidation of one man’s Field of Dreams.

Our Challenge with this sale was two fold. The owner had been notified by the county that he was receiving complaints and he had been ordered to clean up the property quickly. Secondly, this collection of cars was randomly strewn throughout the property and there were trees growing in, around and through many of these cars. A number of them were deteriorated to the point they were only worth scrap value. This auction would require a nationwide advertising program and an extensive set up using heavy equipment.

Our Auction Solution
Our solution was to remove the trees, scrap the badly deteriorated vehicles, remove some fencing and regrade the property over an 8 week period. This allowed us to set the cars up in rows and prepare the property for the hundreds of bidders we anticipated would be on-site for the auction.

Our marketing plan involved heavy use of the internet as well as local, regional and national print ads through Hemmings Motor News and other hobby related publications over a period of about 4 months to make certain this auction permeated the market along with our routine use of social media sites, email broadcasts and web postings on our web site and many other auction and automotive related web sites.


The auction results were nothing short of fantastic. The advertising campaign reached so far and wide that a Norwegian car magazine published an article about the auction. We attracted a buyer base from California to Atlanta, Texas to Canada and many other states in between as well as the local area car buffs. We registered a total of 395 bidders and sold 118 cars plus 49 additional lots of parts. Auction proceeds were well over $200,000.00.

Some of the highlight of this auction were the sale of a 1953 Packard Caribbean convertible for $17,500.00 plus a 10% buyer’s premium, A 1940 Lincoln Zephyr for $18,500.00 plus buyer’s premium and a 1957 Corvette that had been stripped for $16,500.00 plus 10%. None of the cars at this auction were operational or had been started for many years. This was a solid return for our seller.

Who do you want to conduct your next auction? Auction Solutions, The First Choice for Auction Services.

Ironwood Country Club Liquidation Auction

Huge Two Ring, Two Day Auction at Ironwood Country Club 
2627 Pacific St, Omaha, NE. 68109
Friday and Saturday Feb 25 and 26, 2011 9:00 AM

After 40 years in business, a complete re-branding, and major renovations, the former Highland Private Country Club turned Ironwood Public Country Club, closed its doors for good. The property sold at auction in 2010 to buyer, Lockwood Development of Omaha. Shortly after the purchase, Lockwood revealed plans for a mixed-use development complete with residential housing, shopping plazas, commercial office buildings and places of worship. The development plan meant that everything on the former country club property must go, so the development company turned to us for help selling all of the contents to make way for the new project.

This auction would be challenging because there was a wide variety of merchandise to liquidate. The country club contained a 20,000 square foot club house, a swimming pool and a maintenance shed with over 100 pieces of grounds maintenance equipment on a 153 acre site. Our challenges would include the large volume and wide variety of merchandise, the relatively confined space of the club house and the long distances between buildings on the grounds.

We would have to develop a marketing plan to attract attention to a very wide variety of buyers as well as develop an auction day plan to allow us to sell 2500 lots in a timely and efficient manner.

Our Auction Solution
Our marketing plan was quite diverse. We planned strategic ad placement in industry specific magazines in addition to a national advertising campaign that included auction specific, golf course specific and restaurant specific publications over a 6 week period including a half page ad in the golf course trades magazine that was ultimately distributed at the golf course trade show in Orlando FL two weeks prior to the auction.

The auction day plan would be something a little unusual. Because of the nature of the auction, the close quarters in the club house and the distance between buildings, we determined that we would conduct a two ring auction in a ballroom format. All high value auction items were cataloged in groups and divided into 4 auction catalogs. Two auctions would run each day simultaneously in two separate ballrooms in the clubhouse facility. All items would be sold in this format using photos displayed on screen using the club houses A/V system that would also sell at the auction.

In order to accommodate the nationwide crowd, we chose Proxibid to be our Internet simulcast provider. Proxibid allows anyone with an Internet connection to attend the auction, bid with the on-site crowd and win the items they want. They even get the actual feel of the live auction with an audio and video feed on sale day.

This auction was nothing short of spectacular. We sold 2500 lots in 2 days with two auction rings averaging about 100 items per hour per ring.

We estimate that the crowd of buyers and onlookers exceeded 6000 people in two days. Our registrations topped 1900 registered buyers with almost half of them registered online.

The revenue generated from this sale was just short of three times the sellers expectations.

All in all, this was a world class event bringing buyers from New York to New Zealand and North Dakota to Mexico.

Who do you want to conduct your next auction? Auction Solutions, The First Choice for Auction Services.

Custom Fabricators Liquidation Auction

Custom Granite Counter Top Fabricators Liquidation
4427 S 139st, Omaha, NE. 68109
Friday May 15, 2009 10:00 AM

Custom Fabricators was a locally owned and operated granite counter top manufacturer. It had been a family business for 15 years. Because the business had become unprofitable during the economic downturn, the owners decided to sell the real estate and then liquidate the remaining business assets at auction. They called us once the property had a pending contract.

This auction would be challenging in that the equipment for sale was very specific to the granite counter top industry and recent market conditions have caused the housing market to crash, resulting in much less new construction.

We would have to develop a marketing plan to attract attention to a very specific audience in a very short period of time. In addition to the market being thin for this equipment, the owners had sold the building and it had to be clear in 3 weeks for the real estate closing.

Our Auction Solution
Our recommendation was to conduct a live on site auction with an Internet simulcast of selected high value items. Then we developed an advertising and marketing program for the business that included the use of an Internet simulcast as well as a detailed marketing plan to draw attention to the items at auction.

custom fabricatorsThe equipment included a 7 ½ ton overhead crane, Park Industries granite saws and shaping machines as well as polishers, finishers, hand tools and office items. Many of the high value items were very industry specific, causing this to be a particularly difficult sale to market.

The marketing plan was designed to capitalize on the Internet advertising by using email blasts to industrial equipment buyers along with web postings on auction specific, as well as, industry specific sites. In order to further penetrate the market, we sent direct mail sale flyers to all of the like businesses in the country and to our database of industrial equipment buyers. The final component of the campaign was to place targeted, trade specific print ads and newspaper advertising in selected publications including local, regional and national publications.

We set the live auction up for 3 weeks from our contract signing because of the real estate close date and went to work marketing this equipment through these various means.

The Auction netted more than expected dollars. There were nearly 100 buyers at this auction and over 300 lots were sold. We were able to meet the seller’s 3 week deadline up to and including having the equipment moved out of the building prior to the real estate closing. With the property ready to close and a great rate of return on the equipment, we had a very successful auction.

Bahnsen's Ski and Sport Liquidation

Bahnsen’s Ski and Sport Liquidation
7407 L St. Omaha, NE
Saturday January 29 2005 11:00 AM

Bahnsen’s Ski and Sports was seeing a decline in business. The family was ready to liquidate the business and move on to other things.

The challenges with this liquidation were several. The inventory had been under liquidation for months. The left overs were not the first choice items. There were racks full of snow skis and boots as well as some very special equipment designed to maintain and repair snow skis. Much of this inventory was odd sizes and old stock.

Our Auction Solution
Our solution was to schedule an auction for 4 weeks out and then to begin the cataloging process. We lotted out the skis and boots in large lots aimed at re-sellers. We planned the marketing campaign around re-sellers by marketing to other sporting goods shops regionally and advertising on the web with an international presence. This auction was conducted with selected lots simulcast and items that would sell well locally in a separate auction ring, selling to the live crowd.

We had a great turn out for auction day with well over 250 registered bidders live and online.   The specialty equipment and goods sold very well with over 30% of the cataloged items selling to buyers on the internet and the rest of the items selling locally. We were able to exceed the sellers expectations of the sale.

Mr. C's Liquidation Auction

Mr. C’s Liquidation Auction
Sat. 10-6-07 10:00 AM
Wed 10-10-07 10:00 AM
5319 N 30 ST, Omaha, NE

Mister C’s was an Omaha Tradition. This Icon of Omaha went on the auction block in October of 2007. It would be the last chance for people to own a piece of this Historic Omaha Establishment.

mister c buildingThe property at 30th and Fort was sold. Mister C and family decided to retire from the restaurant business and let this Omaha Icon fade to memory. This auction was the largest collectible and memorabilia auction of it’s kind, rivaled only by the liquidation of Peony Park many years ago.

At auction was the entire restaurant, from the beautiful wrought iron fence around the parking lot to the decorative lamp posts and awnings as well as the statuary surrounding the property and one of a kind stained and leaded glass windows, to the Lladro Don Quiote scenes in the lobby and the Elvis collection, right down to the kitchen equipment, tables, chairs, bricks and more. This was a very unique auction.

Our challenge was to liquidate this historic business in a relatively short period of time. We were only to have 6 days of preparation time between the final day of business for the restaurant and the first auction.

Additionally we had a very diverse mix of product. We had very collectible items like Lladro figurines, Elvis memorabilia, Nebraska football memorabilia, Ak-Sar-Ben memorabilia as well as the famous Mister C’s memorabilia plus a variety of restaurant equipment. This auction would prove to be quite challenging and the family expected a spectacular event. We made sure they would not be disappointed.  Several locations, for both the indoor and garden sections of the restaurant.

Our Auction Solution
After careful consideration, and weeks of planning and preparation, we determined that we would conduct two separate auctions with two selling rings at each sale. We broke the merchandise down into four groups, The first was the indoor memorabilia, the second was the outdoor memorabilia like the stained glass and iron rails around the property. The final two groups were the restaurant equipment and the outdoor items like building lighting, fencing, etc.

mister c itemsWe decided that the memorabilia would be sold using a live Internet simulcast in the indoor ring at the Saturday auction. The Internet bidding component would serve two purposes, the first was to allow bidders out of town to attend the auction. The second function, was to give the auction national exposure.

Prior to the restaurant closing, we cataloged and published our simulcast items and did as much preparation as possible, knowing we were going to have only a short time to prepare, once the restaurant was officially closed.

During the period of time after the auction was announced we promoted the the sale using a variety of advertising including press releases run by the local TV stations, signage in the restaurant and outdoors, a huge Internet campaign, targeted direct mail and print advertising.

The results of the auction were nothing short of fantastic. The Saturday Memorabilia Auction began at 10:00 AM on Saturday morning, in two rings and lasted until 7PM that evening. There were over 600 bidders live and online for these auctions with over 2500 lots sold and an auction total exceeding $90,000.00.

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