Personal Property

Why do I need an auction?

If you have a relative’s estate, a business that is closing or downsizing, or if you have a collection or any assets that you need to liquidate, you need an auction. At Auction Solutions, we turn your assets into cash the fast and easy way .

What can be sold at auction?

Virtually anything that has a value can be sold. We have the ability to sell real estate, as well as personal property. The real estate market is a rapidly expanding part of the market, but these are not the only items that can be sold at auction. Intellectual property and mineral rights can also be sold at auction. In fact, a U.S. based auction company recently sold dog cloning services for several hundred thousand dollars.

Is it true that estate sales are a better option than auctions?

Auctions have many advantages over estate sales. First and foremost, an auction can be a complete solution. At auction, we can liquidate anything from real estate to personal property and commercial and farm equipment. Estate sale companies are typically not equipped to provide this type of service.

Auctions generate competitive bidding and excitement. That means more money for your items.

Auction Solutions can provide a complete turn key solution.

Are association memberships important?

On our website, you will see that we proudly display logos for NAA, the National Auctioneer’s Association; NEAA, the Nebraska Auctioneer’s Association; CAI, the Certified Auctioneer’s Institute; NAR, the National Association of Realtors; and OABR, the Omaha Area Board of Realtors. Auction Solutions auctioneers and staff are members of the previous associations. The memberships show that our company and crew are committed to the auction and real estate industry. Memberships in the organizations require ethics training and commitment to standard business practices, as well as an element of continuing education to keep us at the forefront of the industry.

What do I need to do to participate in an auction?

Auction participation is a fun and practical way to purchase items for many reasons, whether you wish to furnish a new home, add to your collection, find equipment for your business, or purchase a home or a commercial building. Auctions are a way to purchase items of value quickly, and at a less than new price.

How will I know what items sold at my auction and what people paid for them?

At Auction Solutions, we are fully computerized. We have the latest and most advanced software and computer technology to capture your sale as it happens. We can pre-catalog your sale, or enter each item as we go. In either case, you receive a line item by line item report of your sale, and your total sale dollars.

Real Estate

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